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Diamond Rewards is a multi-faceted Company offering it's members fantastic savings on their online purchases, exclusive VIP entitlements, membership benefits and direct selling opportunities.

We are a global business that is revolutionizing the way ordinary people utilize the internet.

Diamond Rewards is offering you a wonderful opportunity to purchase at a discounted retail rate stunning natural Sapphire*."The Gemstone of the Heavens". Previously only trade had the opportunity to purchase semi precious and precious gemstone at these incredible prices but now you can too. Diamond Rewards really is YOUR opportunity to "Sparkle with Success".

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ActivJump on the Diamond Board and Magic 3 on the Sapphire Board are now both permanent features of Diamond Rewards! Success with Diamond Rewards has never been easier… or quicker!

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Qualify for the Company SmartPhone of your choice once you cycle the Sapphire Board!

Qualify for the Company Car of your choice once you cycle the Diamond Board Board!

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I joined Diamond Rewards on the 1st of January 2012. When I first read about Diamond Rewards I was convinced that it was one of the best companies I'd ever seen but I really could not tell from outside. I decided to join and see for myself. It took me only 4 days to cycle through the Sapphire board into the Diamond Board. I was so excited that I didn't even spend a week on the first board and only 7 weeks later I Cycled the Diamond Board! This gave me the confidence to present Diamond Rewards to everyone as a business that truly works because I had the proof!

Diamond Rewards is a Company that keeps its promises to it's members! This makes it easy to get people excited about Diamond Rewards! I am so excited I want to tell the whole world about it! It is so satisfying to know that after your hard work you will be rewarded because Diamond Rewards appreciates how much effort you have put into it as a member. With Diamond Rewards the Sky is the limit! – South Africa

Diamond Rewards has already doubled my entry cost and I am zoom zoom and away to making my retirement the vision I had in my youth. I even bought positions for the grand Kids with my cycle money. Now the whole family will be touched by the God Fearing Folk at Diamond Rewards. – George Sinclair, Armidale, NSW (Australia)

I joined Diamond Rewards 2 days ago and I have already sponsored 3 people and I am on my way. When I had an issue I was able to call the Diamond Rewards and a real person fixed my problem in less than 2 minutes.– Mary Singer, Fort Worth, TX (USA)

I have been involved with other programs including, coins, diamonds and travel. Since I joined Diamond Rewards, they are always available, I know who is running the business (not like some in the past) and I can be assured I will continue to receive my cycling revenue for life. What other Programs can you find that the Directors will take calls from all members? – Annie Ji Lee, Thiamin (CHINA)

I wouldn't write a testimonial until my check cleared. After it cleared I then had cycled again, so I thought well lets get writing so here goes.... It took a little time for me to get going as I needed to know more about Diamond Rewards. I rang the company and I was surprised that the CEO spent 20 minute on the phone with me. He explained everything and even helped with signup. At the end of all of this he even suggested I call back if I had any further issues and gave me his personal number. – Melanie Papas, (Australia)